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Sunesha 17.02.2004 06:32 PM

Rules of the forum
Last updated: 12th november, 2004

Rules of the Unofficial Access Virus forum

1. This forum is not about computer viruses. If I see any postings about computer viruses or coding viruses, I'll laugh long, mock you and then ban you and delete your username. If you're reading this first time and I've mocked and laughed at you, I'll mock and laugh more and then ban you and delete your username. Best regards, Juho L.

2. We don't allow spamming, if we see spamming you will get one warning then you will be deleted and banned from the forum. The warning will be visble for others.

3. We don't allow commercial advertising. It's ok to ask about feedback about a site.

4. Please try to post in the correct forum because it will help you to get the right answer faster. It will also save the administrators and moderators some time because then they don't have to move your post to the right forum thread.

5. If you have a problem, begin your topic [unsolved] then when it's solved edit your topic to [solved] so the forum can be more effective.

6. You can not harass other people on the forum. You will get one warning and i will set the warning so everyone can see it. After the warning you will be deleted and banned. Try to be nice.

7. If you post pornography and child pornography pictures here you will be banned and deleted.

8. Use your real email address when you register. If you don't the forum adminstrators get all your private and personal messages. You can hide your email from rest of the members. We don't send out spam email. We almost never send out mail to our members. Only if it is very important, like a serverchange. When you register with you real email address you get your password and username in a email. This is useful if you forget it. If you use a fake email the adminstrators get your password.

9. Spreading or disturbrate "warez" or unlegal software is not allowed. No links. Dont break the copyright laws. I am watching you all, you get one warning then you are out

If you've got good ideas about how to make this forum more pleasant please send an email or a private message to Sunesha.

Best regards


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