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Chapterhaus 31.12.2017 09:09 PM

"Audio Grade" Capacitor Kit for non-TI models
Hey everyone,

I see there is an Audio Grade Capacitor Kit for all non-TI models on Ebay, supposed to be an upgrade. I assume when someone out there replaced the usual bad capacitor, they went and did them all, and bought in bulk so now they have extras to sell as a kit.

My question is has anyone replaced all of the caps? I am considering doing so, as preventative maintenance for down the road, but also because on the Ebay description states that the new caps are "less noisy". This is a big selling point for me, as the Virus KB I have is certainly "hissy", and the headphone out near the Sustain/Control inputs is exceptionally so.

As a side question, I had replaced the three jacks on the smaller PCB that contains the Sustain/Control/Headphone jacks a while ago (they were broken prior to my loving ownership). In doing so, I accidentally lifted the solder pad for one of the Control jack legs, and consequently, it no longer functions. Not the end of the world, but a bummer nonetheless. Does anyone know of a way that I could possibly repair this?

Thanks in advance!

mentataudio 10.10.2019 10:14 AM

Did you ever give these a go? I am tempted too and my Indigo 2 is pretty noise on 1+2 and the headphone output.

With the lifted pad, can you trace where it goes to on the tracks on the board and solder a piece of wire from the component leg that would go on the lifted pad to the destination? I lifted a pad slightly on my Yamaha RM1x and found just soldering it anyway worked, but not sure how advisable this is.

Chapterhaus 11.12.2019 07:08 PM

I did install them, and TBH I don't think I can tell a difference in sound. For the peace of mind of knowing that my capacitors will be fine for a while, I'm fine with that.

As far as that particular kit on Ebay, I would definitely avoid it. Some of the capacitors were rated for the wrong voltage for the ones they were to replace. Luckily, I was having the work done at a friend's vintage stereo repair business, and he had the correct ones.

Unfortunately, the headphone out is still noisy.

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