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charonme 28.03.2018 07:15 AM

virus C editors comparison?
if there is anyone who tried several different virus C editors for windows - which one would you personally consider the most usable one for comprehensive control over the modulation matrix based on your experience?

biggator 07.10.2019 08:29 PM

Raising this from the dead.

I'd be interested in opinions too. I've given up on making the old Sounddiver work - it's just too slow and buggy.

dgls 10.12.2019 07:38 AM

Mystery Islands VirusHC Vst plugin works very well providing DAW host functionality but its librarian functions are good too. Could use this with a light VST host if you only want editor librarian functionality.

biggator 04.03.2020 02:07 AM

To follow up - I tried the Mystery Islands and Vcommander, and ended up with Vcommander. So far, it's been great - and the developer answers questions really quickly when needed.

Rsbandit 08.04.2020 08:51 PM

VCommander was great until it stopped working with Mojave......Never got updated, so I bought Mystery Islands and its flawless

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