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Royal Tee 22.08.2019 08:35 AM gone?
Haven't been able to "access" the site.
Is it officially over?

Royal Tee 23.08.2019 05:04 AM

Never's back. Too bad we can't say that it's new. Drivers are long in the tooth and starting to give trouble in my DAW (C10)

Timo 28.08.2019 05:39 PM

Certainly seems broken. I get an "Error 503 Service Unavailable" on

Their Kemper-Amp site is also very slow.

Royal Tee 30.09.2019 08:10 PM

I can no longer login there.
I cleared cache and nothing... not that much going on but it's kool to help users there when a q gets posted.

TheWhistler 28.10.2020 07:52 AM

EDM set
Hey guys,

new Virus TI user here since about a year now.
Absolutely happy with my TI2 KB which I bought brand new and never regretted a single minute.

I´ve been strolling the forum for information and stumbled over the EDM set which was free (and is still advertised as so).

I am a registered user with Access and can login to there site.
But I can not login to download this EDM set.

Can someone help me please.

Thank´s in advance

TheWhistler 29.10.2020 11:34 AM

Ah, got it.
It was moved to the download section under support.

*ZX81* 23.12.2020 12:45 PM

Does your TI2 play the onboard demo song in endless loop w/o DSP crash ?

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