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303monkey 30.01.2018 02:13 PM

Access Virus C - Pressing Edit Buttons Causing Problems
I am a new member of the infected forum and recently purchased a Virus C.

I'm not sure if this is a common problem or similar to any of the other Virus's
but here it goes.

The following is all carried out without anything plugged in (and only using the Edit /Synd buttons to trigger sounds) other than the Power Adaptor.

I need to start the Virus with a system reboot to be able to access any of the programs or banks of sounds after a button crash.
After the reboot, I can switch the Virus off & on again and return to normal mode with Programs & Banks.

Once I select a program or bank, I can tweak the sounds without problems using the knobs. I can then change programs and banks and carry on tweaking sounds.

My problem arises once I press the tact switches mainly the Edit buttons
where I get stuck on the edit page and can not return to the Program/Bank window.
There is also a problem with the Transpose buttons where you can not transpose the presets.
Also, I am unable to switch between single and multi (the LED is always on single)

There are a few dodgy pots. The Intensity is extremely stiff & the Volume has had a knock and sometimes a loss level.

I was hoping to have a go at the repair myself but there are no schematics that I know of.

Is there any chance it may be a capacitor problem?
Maybe an IC in the switch circuit.
Do I need to re-install the OS?

Any help would be appreciated.

303monkey 30.01.2018 07:07 PM

Had a quick reply from Access. They suggested I was a hardware problem possibly the buttons. They also suggest I send it to their service centre in Germany.

Not much help.

To suggest it is all of the buttons seems an "I can't be bothered to look into this for you" answer

303monkey 02.02.2018 11:36 PM

I made some headway on this evening.
Not being used to the architecture of Analog Modeling Synths, I realized that once I touch one of the Edit Buttons the Virus turns into an Analogue Synth.

Therefore I have narrowed my problem down to 6 buttons (transpose +/-, store & multi/single). and a sticky filter mode select switch.

Chapterhaus 12.02.2018 06:58 AM

Luckily the potentiometers and tactile switches are all easy to replace, if you have decent soldering skills. I'd do that over sending it in to Germany and paying a boat-load. These are the potentiometers, and here is a small set of tactile switches.

I think if it were the typical capacitor problem, you'd be experiencing symptoms more related to that specific issue, namely the "turns on but only LFO lights come on" bit.

If you haven't re-installed the OS, that would be the first thing I'd do. But if buttons/knobs are sticky, that's obviously a hardware issue.

Rio 09.08.2018 11:15 AM

strange... does it start by edit buttons? started by all edit buttons? Are the transpose buttons works before you press the edit buttons?

If so much buttons are involved, i don't think the button replacement will fix it (unless it is related to a single switch (if it hangs mechanically).. You can try open your virus and look there if the ribbon cable to the controller board sits properly on the main board (Of course, the warranty would expire by doing that!). touch the cable connector a little bit and see if the virus continues to operate..

i don't think reinstalling OS will help, but there is a virus reset option.

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