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eclecticguru 03.01.2021 03:58 AM

New owner of secondhand Virus TI2. Bought it with the understanding that I shouldn't expect to ever see a functional "TI" portion (Catalina incompatibility & end of development, etc) but is the version that shows up on boot up, what I refer to as "firmware" also the version that is suppose to coincide with the version of "TI" ( If they are one and the same, is the "TI" install the only way to get the firmware updated or is there a SysEx firmware update that can be installed? Something about the nomenclature and outdated info or lack of info on the Access site makes me doubt my instincts. Take "ROM" as an example.I get why they call it that for lack of a better term, but ROM to me is never re-writable. Closer to EEPROM...Thanks for the help

oli@bass 04.01.2021 12:43 AM is the latest version, also for the Virus OS. At least if you’re on Mac OS.

eclecticguru 04.01.2021 04:10 AM

Thanks for the info. Still a little confused...Is the Virus OS updated only via the TI install? I know TI is not Catalina compatible so hesitant about proceeding. Or can I run the installer to update only? Searches have brought up instances of "bricking" the unit so being cautious. Do I/should I even need to update?

oli@bass 09.01.2021 03:50 PM

The Viros OS is updated through the Virus Control Center, which also allows to backup and restore all data as well as flash the ROM sound banks.

Unfortunately, that application is not working at all on Catalina and you‘d need to upgrade your TI fron an older Mac OS or Windows system.

But if you are on Catalina and don‘t plan to use TI, then 5.0.8 should be fine.

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