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Default TI OS v4.5.3 Full Release

Apologies for the delay, got my admin hat on again. A brief round-up of recent Virustastic events.

Latest Virus TI OS full release is v4.5.3 for Virus TI|1, TI|2 & Snow ~ released 17th October 2011

This is a full release, and is therefore recommended for all Virus TI users.

Includes all the new functionality and sound design features seen in the v4.5 beta, with a multitude of bug fixes and improvements.

Changelog and discussion can be found [here]!
Video Tricks and Treats

Halloween may have been and gone but Ben Crosland's excellent free TI Bootcamp video series is fattening up a treat. No less than ten episodes thus far, a veritable smörgåsbord of Virus TI trickery.

Aim yourself toward the bottom of Access' [homepage] to check them out!

User Guide...

Lastly, Virus TI user Reflective has also updated his online *.chm Virus Parameter Guide to include the new TI OS 4.5 features.

For more info and download please see his thread: [Compiled Help Module for Virus TI OS v4.5 online].

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