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Originally Posted by zalivad View Post
hah.Let me tell you this long story
I buy a Ti2 from access china dealer"Different Sound Digital Tech Co.,Ltd"last year.
and it have some DSP probleme.I sended email for access suport and the dealer have contact access too.finally access send a new mainboard for Dealer.but that time I upgrade OS 4.05.everything looks ok,so I leave the board in them care.because I'm busy and I have no time to use Ti.from this month I will make some music with Ti2.but problem is back,dsp crash noise,1,3,5,7,9 ...channal I will take the mainboard form dealer.
so I wanna know is that easy to setup?I hope I can setup the new mainboard myself after they give me.
please contact access support. you cannot build in the main board on your own. a certified service center needs to do that. i assume that your virus ti2 is under warranty?

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