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Recently looked back and noted the original TI|1 was released 2005, with the Ti|2 refresh in 2009, so the Ti|2 is now a decade old.

The last full feature update (TI OS v5) was released December 2012, seven years ago now. Since then the synth has only received bug-fix updates, no additional features.

The Kemper Profiler amp updates still seem to be pretty prolific, OS 7 was released this month (Sep 2019) and shows no sign of stopping. Who knows if the Profiler is also nearing the end of its own hardware cycle and a theoretical Profiler II could reset everything yet again.

Noted Christoph's response to a question on the Virus just over a year ago (NAMM early Feb 2018):

Interviewer: "Is the Access Virus going to evolve, what's going on with the Virus?"
Christoph: "Well, actually, there's not too much development going into the Virus thesedays..."
Interviewer: "Because it's kinda perfect?"
Christoph: "...err, yeah, in a way it's kinda perfect, at the moment I must admit we put most efforts of the company on our new product range for the guitar player, which is the Profiler, but I can/can't see, not in the near future but maybe a bit later we will also put some more effort again into the keyboards."

Given the renaissance of analogue-esque synths released the last few years, both hardware and software, I'd've thought there would be bags of enthusiasm for a new Virus. I guess the Profiler being unique and having less competition with a large guitar-oriented target audience equates to a greater return.
PS > And another thing! Will the Ti|3 have user customisable/importable wavetables? A ribbon-controller or XY-Pad might be nice, too, please! Thanks!
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