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Default How do I download Control?

I originally registered with Access as a "non owner" as Id bought a unit and wanted to download manuals etc before it arrived.

I cannot login to anything though - even the public areas.

The link in the EMail to "upgrade" doesnt work

I now have the SN, but I cant register as my EMail already exists (obviously).

How to I do this???


Ive managed to register the SN, and download the software. Cant load it though as the synth is in transit (seller sent me the SN via EMail).

However, I cant work out how to post on the Access forum. I can access the "private" forums - and see/read the threads but cant find a reply, or create button. Top right says "login" despite being logged on already, and when I try to login - I just get the locked padlock symbol.

Any Ideas?
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