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Post I made a max for live Virus C editor (with mod matrix etc.)

Hi there

I've been a Virus C owner for 17/18 years (can't remember detailed) and the virus still rocks in my world.
Recently Ableton enabled Sysex from Live, through max for live and i thought, hmmm.... maybe i can do a midi controller for most of the stuff in the Virus C

It turned i could, well most of it. There's no patch dump and no multimode etc. But most of the sound controls are there, including the mod matrix, arp, osc3 etc.

It works pretty well when used as a controller and also for creating patches, i disabled the midi remote option cause i got some weird hanging midi notes, so can't use the virus knobs for midi to live atm. but that's not the purpose of this. I wanted a midi controller instead of menu diving on the Virus.

I'm hosting this on gitlab so everyone can contribute with a pull request, especially if you are better with MAX than me (which doesn't take a lot )

Anyway, grab a free copy:
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