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Default Virus TIx knobs

Is it only me who is thinking the knobs of the Virus TIx should have been made as unlimited circular knobs, rather than knobs with a left and right end/stop?

Of course if you have such unlimited knobs, you would not visually see at which position the knob is. BUT, also with Virus knobs, with hard end/stops, you will not see it anyway.

If you load a patch, your CUTOFF knob might be standing at full, but the patch value has it very low near 0.

That is reason why I am thinking it should be unlimited knobs. Because the current knobs have no advantage. But they have a big disadvantage. If you loaded a patch, and just want to slightly change the value of a knob, it will not work. The value in the above example would jumb from near 0 to almost full, when I slightly want to decrease it from the current value.

Of course the virus is just as the virus is

Just thinking if someone else is also constantly thinking like that.

Oh, I found an advantage of the current knobs: If you are playing with a knob, while not looking at the virus, you will have the physical feedback when you reaching the lowest or highest possible value. Yes, this could be stated as an advantage
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