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Old 13.03.2018, 01:36 PM
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Default MIDI Local Off Stops working very quickly if at all


I've been working with my Virus for about a year now and have just started having this weird issue with the Local Off Mode.

So my problem is Local On mode works fine and Synth sounds as expected including MIDI in signals from Ableton and other gear.

As soon as I turn Local mode Off my Virus' MIDI keyboard very quickly (or immediately) stops working, normally as soon as I change a patch or do anything that requires about 5% of the Virus's brain it stops. To be precise the MIDI track In Indicator in Ableton shows a signal, but the MIDI track out Indicator in Ableton shows nothing. This is not normal and no sounds get triggered whether it's internal in Ableton or or the Virus (setup in a track in Ableton) or any other thing external I'm trying to trigger.

To get it working again, I either unplug the MIDI interface I have it plugged into, but then it works for a few seconds and the above situation happens again. Or I go through a series of resetting things that seems to randomly fix it temporarily.

However, any other controller keyboard or pad sends MIDI fine all the way through to the Virus and triggers the sound. It only seems to happen when the Virus Local OFF mode is selected.

I used to have the MIDI wires from and to the Virus going to the Maschine MIDI interface, so I tried another, but the same things happens.

I'm lost and want my virus in front of me coz I use it so much and have Multis going all the time etc... but this is not normal. For your info this happens whether I'm in SINGLE, MULTI or SEG Modes. It does not discriminate!

So frustrating and can not figure this one out. I've tried resetting the Virus, I've tried setting up a new Midi Studio on the Mac, scrapping the virtual MIDI device too... any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I use the classic MIDI cables because it worked great (even though I'd prefer a normal USB setup, but that's not worked properly for me. But thats not the point. Not here to troubleshoot my USB, gave up on that ages ago with all the negative forum talk about the TI and latency etc.

Here is my setup:
  • Virus TI2 Polar
  • Only using the Virus MIDI In and Out - NOT USB at all (caused too much latency and the TI feature is a gimmick that doesn't work as advertised in my opinion).
  • MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra
  • Ableton 10.0.1
  • Use the Virus as my main Keyboard (right in front of me) - but I have loads of other gear to test this issue out with.

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