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Old 15.07.2017, 09:50 AM
dcer10 dcer10 is offline
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Exclamation Virus Ti2 integration issues

I just purchased a Ti2 brand new. What a synth! I have a Virus C too, the Ti2 is a beast.

In any case I have some problems I was hoping someone could assist with:

1) when I use the Virus Ti VST editor librarian in live I lose all sound. I am not using the Virus as the soundcard, I have an allen & heath QU-2 and I'm using the virus multi outs via analog cables. I noticed when starting the VST editor that the Virus says something about changing the sample rate. I assume it thinks it is the primary sound card? I can actually see the audio levels on its channel in Live coming up when I audition a sound but no actual sound comes out.
2) when I run the Virus Ti VST editor librarian, or the Virus Control Centre it never detects the Virus unless I reboot the Virus and hold down exit. This is highly irritating.
3) When selecting Virus (Synth) as the midi port on Ableton Live (without using the VST editor) the timing seems to be quite bad. I tried running programs with a lot of attack eg drums or sync'ed percussive sounds along with my TR-8. There was a noticeable lag on the Virus that didn't seem consistent (a bit floaty). I have tried to go directly to the Virus via midi, bringing me to the last issue...
4) I have midi connected through a midi interface to the Virus, this seems to be ignored. I assume the editor is only going to work over USB, and that having the USB connected is the cause of this issue?

I have a MacPro 2,1 (El Capitan), Octocore 3.0ghz Xeon's with 32GB of ram with the Virus plugged directly into the native USB ports. I tried running the Virus TI Installer for macOS (beta), but then rolled back to Virus TI Installer for Mac OSX in an effort to sort out the above (without any luck).

I have seen some of these issues come up for others, but no definitive answers seem to have been provided. Are these known issues that people live with or are they things that can be configured around? I would have thought with a product with the term "Total Integration" in the product name, that issues like this 8 years after the products launch would have been eliminated? I hope thats the case and I'm just new to the Ti and haven't yet found the workarounds.

As a side what is the best OS to use? Is the beta stable, and does it offer any additional stability/functionality over

Any help would be appreciated!
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Old 25.07.2017, 10:19 AM
oli@bass oli@bass is offline
Definately caught something...
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Unfortunately, even after 8 years, there's still issues with Total Integration. The timing issues are well known and documented on the official Access Virus Forum.

As for the stability of the TI OS: The more recent ones are all declared as "beta" although they are production quality. I had to install because of switching to macOS (Sierra) and didn't run into any issues. Actually it seems a bit more stable than, but that could be well because of the better USB stability of Sierra vs. El Capitan.

IMO, the TI has tons of annoying issues, some minor, some major, but after all these years there's still no true competitor on the market.

Regarding your issues:
1.) have no clue
2.) should not be like that, TI2 is always recognized on my system, seems like a USB issue. Try a different port, or try a high quality USB 3 hub with MTT.
3.) yep, it's like that. Sucks like hell. Working with Cubase, it's always a lucky event when all the sequenced ticker synths from the Virus match 100% with the other syth tracks from Massive, FM8, Absynth and drum tracks from Maschine or Steven Slate Drums. Never had these issues with the VSTs alone.
4.) If USB is plugged in, the MIDI ports (and keyboard) are ignored. Can't remember for sure, but there might be a global setting where you can change that. You can do Local ON to make the keyboard work on the Polar/Darkstar.

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