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Old 29.11.2019, 01:01 AM
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Default Sequential Prophet Rev 2 - 16 voice

This keyboard has surpassed all expectations of a modern (or even a vintage) synth for me.

I still love digital synths, am a big fan of VA and still have my Virus Snow. I've posted recently about the Waldorf Kyra here, which I plan to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.

However, for whatever reason, when it comes to putting aside the technical specs and simply making music, I always gravitate back to that analog, polyphony-rich sound...the sound that was economically unapproachable for me growing up. The most inspiring synth I had owned prior to the Rev2 was the Juno 106, but the Rev2 beats it in every way.

I know synth-affinity is always a subjective thing, but I find this thing so inspiring and musically useful that I want a second one... almost surely another 16 voice, possibly a desktop model, but given the price difference and superb quality keyboard I'm inclined to simply buy more of same, complete with keybed... I can't find anything out there, that to my ears matches it (except some of the other Prophet models which cost more and offer less voices and modulation possibilities).

The OB-6 sounds not bad and seems like a logical second choice, but at the current price point for only 6 voices, seems wrong? And most of all, it does not catch my ear the same way the Prophet does.

Anyone else in the same boat? I like the idea of diversifying my sound a bit, and no doubt the Rev2 is incredibly diverse, but I want to be sure I'm not overlooking possibilities. The Korg Prologue sounds pretty good, but still not quite keeping up with the Prophet I think. Behringer synths seem like a great value but not in the same league in overall sound.

The Rev2, like most modern synths has a reputation for "bugs" but maybe I did well by waiting a couple of years for manufacturing to be refined. So far, everything I thought was a bug turned out to be my own mistake or lack of understanding of some setting. I have one of the newer ones that is branded "Sequential" instead of Dave Smith Instruments, so maybe that's it --bugs seem to have been worked out by now..

One of the things I like best about it is the "completeness" of it as a musical instrument. The dynamics of the way velocity and after-touch interact with the modulation possibilities, it just feels more musical than the implementation of most keyboards. It makes me sound like a better musician.

The other thing is the Soundtower editor, which let's you do "genetic mixing" between two sounds. Once you have a good palette of basic sound categories (bass, pads, strings, brass, etc), you can mix and morph and very quickly go through the results to cherry pick the stunners, building an infinite library of high quality sounds, most of which you "made" yourself (after a little tweaking of the raw materials of course).

Is there anything out there that really competes with a Prophet for the analog poly sound?
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