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Old 04.01.2020, 05:19 PM
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Default Access Virus Patch Manager (Python Command Line Tool)

Hi there!

Over the years I've collected lots of sound bank midi dumps (Mainly downloaded from the Access Virus website

In the past I've used SoundDiver to 'audition' these patches and store the ones on my Virus KC that I like the most. Unfortunately, SoundDiver does not run on my PC anymore, so I was looking for a simple alternative. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to write my own tool which I've called the Access Virus Patch Manager. Thought I'd upload it here in case there was anyone else searching for a similar thing.

The tool reads midi dumps (Either in '.mid' or '.syx' file format) and lists the names of all the patches found. You can also use it to create individual audition ".syx" files for all of the patches found. Note that the files created have a few bytes modified so that when sent back to the Access Virus, they are stored into the temporary edit (Audition) memory buffer, rather than permanently overwriting an existing patch.

If, like me, you've got MIDI-OX installed, then using windows explorer you can locate the directory where your audition files were created, right-click on the audition file of your choice and select 'Send' from the pop up menu to audition the patch on your Virus.

The tool is written in Python and you'll need have python installed to run it (Visit
I've tested it using Python v2.7.14 and Python 3.6.10. It runs on Linux and Windows.

The tool can be download from my google drive:

After you've downloaded it - Unzip the contents to a location of your choice.

The zip contains:

The input_dumps directory contains the wonderfull TranceSource2001.mid Soundset by Manuel Schleis.
The output_auditions directory is where I've have been saving my audition .syx files into. You'll notice I've already created audition files for the TranceSource2001.mid dump. You may wish to delete these .syx files and try creating them for yourself.

Running the tool:

Open a command line prompt and navigate to the directory where the is located, you are now ready to run the tool.

To list the names of the patches in the TranceSource2001.mid, run the following:

python list "input_dumps/TranceSource2001.mid"

To create individual .syx audition files for each patch TranceSource2001.mid, run the following:

python audition "input_dumps/TranceSource2001.mid" "output_auditions"

To display the contents of the dump in hex, run the following:

python debug "input_dumps/TranceSource2001.mid"

Hope that made sense and someone out there finds this of use

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