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Old 04.05.2014, 09:00 PM
Neoking Neoking is offline
New here
New here
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Default Few problems with Virus TI Snow and FL Studio 11!

Hi all!

I am having some problems with the Virus TI Snow in combination with FL Studio 11. The problem is that when I play the sounds of my Virus in my song, it goes out of sync constantly. The latency time seems to change everytime I play the song over again. I first correct the Virus ti Mixer Channel with CTRL+P (plugin delay comensation) and at first I can hear my virus sounds going nicely with the rest of my VST plugins, but after a while the latency time contstantly changes...
I have tried this in Asio4ALL and my external soundcard ( Scarlett 2i2 Focusrite)
but even on my external soundcard this problem seems to occur. I have read some other topics concerning this problem through googling and what I get to see a lot is that FL Studio kinda sucks in combination with Hardware like Virus ti...Does anyone have a solution for this problem or is there really nothing to do about it other than working with another DAW?

My second question: Is it possible to make an automationclip of ALL the buttons in the Virus TI in FL Studio 11? When I try it in FL I can only select a limited amount of automation options, like the Filter Cutoff etc.

Really hope someone can help me out with these questions!
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Old 04.05.2014, 09:09 PM
TweakHead TweakHead is offline
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hello and welcome!

it's a very common problem. unfortunately, I can't give you very detailed feedback, as I own the C instead of a TI. but been here long enough to (hopefully) point you in the right direction.

first try and make sure you connect your Virus to a dedicated usb bus. usually some usb ports share one single bus between them, so try and disconnect other stuff from there and use the Virus on its own bus with nothing else connected to it.

update to latest version - if you haven't already. rumor has it that it's much more stable nowadays then it used to.

rumor also has it that Virus works better with Cubase, Logic and Ableton - on that order. but don't quote me on that as I'm saying this simply out of reading/listening other people talk about it, rather then something that I know from experience - so take this with a grain of salt.

your second question: yes, all parameters on the Virus are selectable for automation within your daw and you should be able to record it from the plug-in (virus control), or select it from a list - but this depends on each host, so I can't provide you detailed info on how to go about this in FL, 'cause I work with Logic and Live.

hope it helps. cheers
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Old 04.05.2014, 10:07 PM
MBTC MBTC is offline
This forum member lives here
This forum member lives here
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Neoking you will probably want to check the FL Studio forums for FLS specific Virus issues as there are some folks there with lots of experience with it and varying levels of success. I assume you've already isolated it to FLS by ensuring the issues do not occur in another DAW? For those issues common to all you may be able to find help here.

It's been years since I tried the TI+FLStudio, but I do remember I got my best results by using the TI's built in audio interface and driver and that's the only thing that jumped out at me about your post as being different.

There are some dudes on the FLS forums that would probably be glad to share custom project templates with you that might help fast track the process.
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Old 13.11.2014, 02:42 PM
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hey Control P, has solved my virus problems. So i made an account just for you friend, to help you with your Virus issues if you still have them. I use Fl 11 and have a Polar....and im the only one that i know of! my first question for you you use aio4all? and what is your latency settings
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Old 15.12.2014, 06:26 PM
nutrinoland nutrinoland is offline
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Use Manual PDC ...Make a channel , route all tracks through it by right clicking and clicking create sub mix to master...put virus on different channel which is not routed through sub group but to master directly...on subgroup channel go to bottom right corner, select track latency set from virus channel.

Also leave about a Bar at the beginning of the playlist arrangement Blank for the virus to do its thing (sync)...put no patterns there...start the whole arrangement 1 bar from the 1'st bar...basically start the song from the second bar onwards..

do not quickly start-stop repeatedly...this throws the virus out of sync.....
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Old 25.10.2020, 07:29 PM
paperclipdnb paperclipdnb is offline
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Hello from year 2020 guys! Happy to tell you a solution to PDC problems with FL STUDIO in any version. You just have to remove one signle function in FL Studio 20 audio settings - MIX IN TRIPLE BUFFER.

You're done! Happy 2020 guys. F**k corona
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