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Old 20.11.2017, 05:54 PM
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This forum member lives here
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If you want to try something different, try Roland Cloud and download all the synths. The Juno 106 is amazing and makes me want to buy a System 8, just for that. At first I thought it was just my affinity for the Juno because it was the first analog synth I ever owned (and remains one of the best sounding), but then I saw others are going bat shit over the stunning sound as well. Only problem is that it is a SERIOUS cpu hog. The System 1 isn't powerful enough to run it, and their hardware version (JU 06) drops it from 6 to 4 notes of polyphony, so no thanks.

At first I had no intention of paying Roland $20 per month, but then I learned that after every 12 months of membership, you get to select and keep an instrument permanently (and given how good the Juno and D-50 plugins are, it makes it a reasonable value).

I don't think the System-8 will run the D-50 plugin (perhaps because subtractive synth controls would be weird trying to control an LA synthesis engine, the D-50 needs a specialized control surface or a good software interface, which the plug-in has in droves). The D-50 was another synth that brings back great memories and I would like to permanently own so I maybe I will keep the subscription going a couple of years; they did an awesome job and without having one to compare side-by-side, it sounds indistinguishable to me.

For whatever reason, while it sounds great, the Jupiter-8 plug-in doesn't wow me quite as much as the Juno-106, but I'm almost certain I would use it if I owned a System-8 and didn't have to spend so much CPU cycle on it. I have a lot of Jupiter-like sounds covered by OPX Pro II already, so we'll see. The circuitry of the Juno, even when emulated, is just in a league of its own.

There is a 30 day free trial of Roland Cloud.

The timing of it came along just at the right time for me, with the recent spotlight on synthwave and other retro varieties.

The Virus can of course do retro sounds too, but in general it has a brighter sound (better for trancey cut through the mix stuff) and takes more work to make it sound warm and fat, IMHO. Most of the sounds I have for the Virus are not great starting points for synthwave.
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