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Old 31.05.2019, 08:01 PM
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Default Virus TI freezing, notes get stuck, random parameter changes

Hi everyone

My Virus TI used to work flawlessly both standalone and in TI-mode, but recently it has become super buggy unfortunately. Help is much much appreciated!

First the TI-part seemed to stop working. I had not used it in TI-mode for some time but it used to work perfectly. Now my computer (Macbook Pro Retina 13") sort of freezes when I connect the Virus to the USB port. The touch pad stops working properly and the sound glitches until i disconnect the Virus again. It happens even if I don't use the Virus or have my DAW opened. Some times the computer even requires a reboot to work properly after having the Virus connected.
That's annoying but not the end of the world, as I enjoy the synth in standalone mode aswell.

Now however, the Virus has started acting really strange even in standalone mode. If I connect a midi keyboard to the Virus and play for some time just some chords or whatever notes start to get stuck, random parameters seem to go crazy, notes play random pitches.
If I'm on a single patch, some notes play the patch (at least in the beginning), other notes play from other patches. After a while it just freezes and becomes weird until I press the MIDI Panic button.
It is super super weird and incredibly annoying.

I just switched the battery as I thought that might be the reason, but without luck.
I recently moved to Germany (Berlin) from Denmark. It used to work well - could it be anything with the power here in Germany? Definitely a reach.

If you have any ideas on how to solve this or if you have experienced all or some of these issues I would love to know if you've found a solution.
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