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Old 06.05.2019, 09:11 PM
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Default Easiest way to open indigo to check capacitors


My indigo seems to have developed the capacitor issue and I’d like to open it up to take a look if there are any visual clues and assess whether I have the kahunas to try to fix it myself or if I should pay someone to do it

What is the easiest way to open it? I’ve seen the thread on re-potting it which is a pretty involved disassembly. This video make it look like you just do the two rear bottom screws and the two on the back of the unit: but i couldn’t seem to open it when I did this - admittedly I didn’t apply much force for fear of damaging it.

Does anyone have any info on this?

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Old 07.05.2019, 04:36 PM
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You are right, it looks like you don't need to remove the keybed first - you can leave it on the chassis.

So I'm guessing you just need to unscrew the red ones in order to remove the front panel:-

Failing that, you may need to do the yellow ones (side cheeks) too.

Once the front panel is removed, you will need to unscrew a few screws on the rear of the unit too (where the jacks are), there were around 10 screws on my older Indigo. Not all need to be unscrewed, think I only unscrewed 8 from the rear, your Indigo 2 may be different, use your intuition.

PS > And another thing! Will the Ti|3 have user customisable/importable wavetables? A ribbon-controller or XY-Pad might be nice, too, please! Thanks!
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Old 07.05.2019, 08:10 PM
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Thanks Timo! I'll let you know how I get on
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Old 11.09.2019, 02:22 AM
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I concur. To get to the innards of the Indigo 1 you must remove the side panels (yellow screws) as they interfere with sliding the top panel tabs out of the bottom panel slots. You also have to remove the 4 red screws to release the top panel. Leave the keybed screws in as removing them only makes it more difficult to deal with. Also, you don't need to remove the back panel screws unless you really want to remove the whole main board.
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