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Old 04.08.2017, 07:18 PM
mechanevil mechanevil is offline
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Default External tap tempo using midi

I'm hoping someone can tell me what sysex or midi command I have to transmit to my Virus snow in order for it to accept the data as tap tempo.

I am trying to get the Virus to accept the taps I make on a midi foot controller, which I want to use to sync up multiple synths. I can't figure out where I am going wrong. The foot controller is a Gordius Big Little Giant, which is very capable. It has quite a few options for midi clock, but I can't find the right one to send to the Virus in order to get it to lock on to the clock signal.

For that matter, I am unsure how to get the Virus to accept an external tempo at all even if I hook it up after my Motif, set that to use internal clock and output clock, and then set the Virus to sync to external clock.

In that respect, if I hooked up the Motif after the Virus, I was able to sync the tempo of the Motif to the Virus internal clock. But I could not control the Virus tempo using a tap.

Hoping someone can help me with this.
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Old 07.08.2017, 07:36 AM
oli@bass oli@bass is offline
Definately caught something...
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From the manual

63 bpm to 190 bpm: The Virus has an internal clock to which the LFOs, arpeggiator and delay/reverb can be synchronized. The clock automatically slaves to any received MIDI clock signal, otherwise it adopts this value.
And it works pretty well in my experience.

I've never seen a way to tap the tempo. Except if using the Virus in Atomizer mode.
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