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Old 02.02.2021, 06:02 PM
NoLie6 NoLie6 is offline
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Default Virus TI Snow with Samplitude Music Studio 2021

Hi guys,

is quite some time ago, when I was active in this forum. I got my Access Virus TI Snow in 2009 and worked about 2 years with it.

I created songs with the virus using the Magix Samplitude Music Studio 15 (as DAW) and the virus as VST instrument. It worked quite well. Of course you forget some strugglings over the years

With that environment, I created songs like this
(and others, as NoLie6 in Youtube)

as one example. Most of the time the 4 tracks that the Virus is able, were sufficient to me. Other tracks if necessary (like drums) came from Music Studio and included instruments.

Nowadays I rembered those days, and got the impulse to start again making music (just for fun). This time I want to make more 'ambient' stuff with pads and weirrd sounds ect.

So my original PC, where I had done this, is still there, but meanwhile I have a much neuer PC (Windows10) and decided to upgrade the Samplitude Music Studio to the newest version 2021.

But unfortunately, this Music Studio and the Virus are not finding a way. Everything is quite instable. Sometimes the virus is lost from a track when loading a project. Quite often the virus says: "No free Virus available", even when I started the DAW and load the project the first time.

I assume that nobody here is using this DAW, but much more professional and more expensive ones. Therefore I do not expect directly help with that DAW.

But maybe you have some hint, what could probably make the Virus with a DAW instable etc.

The Virus TI Snow shows the version when starting. I update it, a year ago.
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Old 04.02.2021, 12:35 AM
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This forum member lives here
This forum member lives here
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As you guessed I know nothing about that particular DAW.. Could it be that the DAW was directly supported as a host back in 2009, whereas the current version may not be?

DAW support aside, two things that come to mind is which ASIO driver is being used, and also I have heard of issues with older USB 1.1 and 2.0 instruments being plugged into USB 3.0 ports -- that would be different in 2009 as USB 2.0 was the highest that most PC had. That's about all that comes to mind, maybe someone else can be of more help.
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Old 04.02.2021, 09:38 AM
NoLie6 NoLie6 is offline
Infektion taking hold...
Join Date: 08.03.2009
Posts: 67

Thank you for your response.

Currently I am not using an ASIO driver. Regarding USB ports, my PC has no 3.0 ports, but thanks for mentioning.

Meanwhile I have a working setup, when I only use 1 VST track with the Virus Snow. This seems very limited, of course, but I am happy, that such a setup is stable, also after saving and loading from scratch (PC switched off/on, Virus switched off/on).

So I will work on a track with the Virus, and when I think its fine, I will record it as WAV file and add this as separate track in the main project, while I save each track with the Virus as separat project, so that I can modify the track and recreate the WAV file if necessary.

Yes, not very efficient working, but ok.
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