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Old 20.02.2021, 03:20 PM
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Default Store a patch back to the Virus into RAM (Solved)

Sorry for asking, maybe something trivial, but I did not find it out myself.

I bought a used Virus TI2 desktop and are about to check all routines I may need for my workflow.

One is to save changed patches, which I might have tweaked for a particular song.

What I found out is how to store a tweaked patch to a different place at the Virus. E.g. a tweaked ROM patch to store at a free RAM patch, e.g. over an -INIT- or an other not needed patch. This works fine.

To be more save, I also found out, how to store this change patch to my PC as a fxp file (around 13 kB), using the Patch Utility part of the VST GUI, when opened in my DAW.

It is also possible to load that file anytime back, into a sequencer slot in the DAW, no problem.

But what I am missing, is to also store the patch from the PC *.fxp file at a certain place back in the RAM, if necessary. E.g. wenn I make a factory reset or anything, so that I can bring my patches back into the RAM of the Virus.

I see nowhere a menu item, to bring it not only temporary to the Virus during a DAW session, but save it into the RAM at a bank and position I can select, so that I can use it also without DAW, just Virus with Keyboard.

I am sure, there must be a way, just being blind.


As assumed, it was such easy, I have to appologize:

When the VSTI GUI is open and once you loaded a patch from a patch file from the PC, it is shown in the corresponding (sequencer) slot that was active. And each sequenzer slot has LOAD and SAVE. And with SAVE you can select a desired RAM bank and position and store it permanently at the Virus. When closing the DAW/VSTI GUI, it is still there.

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