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Sound designing Discussion about sound designing with the Virus series synths. Share patches and your knowledge or ask questions.

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Old 05.02.2021, 07:27 PM
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Default Filtering out the Source/Oscilator, to have pure Effects

Title sounds weirrd I guess, but I give some examples.

If you press a tone, you hear the tone.

If you have effects configurd like e.g. delay or reverb, you hear the tone and the delay or reverb.

What I want is, that I only hear or filter everything out except the effects of a sound/tone, not the original tone that was played.

Here an example, which is a hard and loud punch of a tone (with hard attack) with a strong and long reverb. But I don't want the hard and loud punch not in the result. Like a shot with a gun in the forest, but you hear only the reverb of it.

As far as I understood, this is not possible. Or are there possibilities in separating the original tone (created by the oscilators and the filter envelope), and the additional effects on it, by some special routing/mixing.

If the original tone was short enough, it can at least be achieved, by recording it, and cut the punch out of the recording.
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Old 09.02.2021, 01:21 PM
charonme charonme is offline
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set osc balance to -100% (to only hear osc1) and osc volume to -64
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Old 10.02.2021, 01:24 AM
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Increase delay/reverb wetness to 100%, you'll just hear pure effects on the input without hearing the actual input.
PS > And another thing! Will the Ti|3 have user customisable/importable wavetables? A ribbon-controller or XY-Pad might be nice, too, please! Thanks!
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Old 11.02.2021, 07:11 AM
NoLie6 NoLie6 is offline
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Thanks charonme and Timo,

I will play around with that!
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