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Trouble with your Access Virus? Here you can get help when you have trouble or just don't know what to do.

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Old 21.10.2019, 11:12 PM
eflister eflister is offline
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New here
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Unhappy virus ti desktop won't boot

i have a virus ti desktop that has never had issues and worked fine last time i turned it on.
it's sat a few months untouched, attached to a surge protector. when
i went to turn it on today, i just get the backlight of the screen,
but it's blank and doesn't respond to anything (MIDI IN, buttons,
if i unplug it and plug it in while holding:
TAP+CONFIG (supposed to pull up serial number/diagnostics), i get the
same blank screen.
ARP EDIT: same blank screen, but BPM and LOGO LED's go back and forth,
that's it.
EXIT: same blank screen, BPM LED fades in and out.

i've tried connecting via usb to the virus software on my computer,
but it shows no virus detected.

i am seeing a bright orange spark about 5mm across when i connect the
AC adaptor, maybe once every 2-3 times i plug it in. not sure if that
was there before.

the manual says you have to use the original AC adapter, but i'm wondering if it's worth trying a different one with the same specs?

i've tried emailing access and didn't get the automated reply they said i should expect. the closest service center they list is a couple states away. i wrote to them and they said they'd need me to ship it to them.

anyone have any experience with something like this or recommendations? thanks for your help!
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Old 23.10.2019, 09:15 PM
orx65 orx65 is offline
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Same problem of the brothers B/C check in this forum ..probably faulty the capacitor/s, you've need of a local electronic technician with skill on electronic components measurement..maybe some nerd specialized in car audio or televisions . anyway motherboard of a synth is not complicated only about power line . .however the best solution remain a musical instruments service.
Sorry for my English I'm Venetian.
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Old 01.11.2019, 09:33 PM
eflister eflister is offline
New here
New here
Join Date: 21.10.2019
Posts: 2

Well I took it in and it turns out the set resistor on the 7805 burned up. Still trying to figure out if it's possible to rebuild or if replacement boards are available. Kemper USA isn't being responsive to my shop, but I'd rather not ship to the closest authorized repair center (anyone have experience with Advanced Musical Electronics in LA?). Anyone ever run into anything like this? I had it behind a surge protector, which wasn't tripped, and there weren't any other signs of surges, etc.

Before and after hot air desoldering:
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