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Old 12.09.2011, 05:53 AM
Infektion taking hold...
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Default ''Best'' hardware synth for PsyTrance

Hi guys! I need advice from people with experience in psytrance production about the ''best'' synth for psytrance production. I must mention a already own a Virus TI,Tetra and an Evolver.
So, I was thinking of a Nord Lead, a Slim Phatty, Blofeld or Oberheim OB 12, even a Nord Wave, though it's kind of expensive... I don't know which will fit better? GIve me ur opinions and thanks a lot!!

(about the Nord Lead...I understand that the 2 sounds grittier than 2x, but it looks like it's got some bugs plus no lfo syncing, so is it worth it over the 2x?)
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Old 12.09.2011, 07:12 PM
nutrinoland nutrinoland is offline
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WHATTT !! no LFO crazy...

Hey it seems like you got some great just focus on the music amount of equipment is gonna make u psytrance automatically...

Tetra and virus...great...maybe get a jomox mbase 11 or vermona kick lancet...u'r good to go....maybe a kaoss pad and some cool compressors and plugins and stuff....

Infact even just a monotron and u'r good...
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Old 27.10.2011, 05:20 PM
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Yes, I must agree. You have the tools, (really nice ones at that), just focus on the music, and maybe look into some fx.
bassist turned synthesist
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Old 01.08.2012, 08:12 PM
TweakHead TweakHead is offline
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Yeah! Have to agree! That's more then enough! Focus on the music!
If you're trully curious about the Nord Lead, download the Discovery Pro demo from Disco DSP, the interface and functioning is the same - the sound is not far off from the real deal, it even reads patches from the hardware brother; so you can see if you like it...

The Blofeld is very similar to the virus, virtual analogue with similar features, but with the distinct Waldorf Sound - yeah that plays very well with the Virus... (best cost/value ratio in my opinion)

Moog is a beast, but doesn't really have many modulation options. OB 12, real nasty and raw analogue power synth, but I think it's in the same league as your Evolver...
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